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The Technical Affairs, Students Gymkhana welcomes you to the homepage of Students Technical Council (STC).

STC will have the profusion of various technical clubs, research activities, technical competition, inter-disciplinary projects, hence providing the platform where students can metamorphose their innovative groundbreaking ideas into reality. It proposes to bring all the technical clubs to operate and coordinate together inside one umbrella(STC), creating a new symposium for the accomplishments of budding engineers. STC aspires to develop the technical skills and knowledge of the nascent engineers, thus stimulating innovations and inventions in technology. STC will effectuate their vision by embracing three concepts:

  • Learning and growing together

    STC intends to create a forum by bringing the whole students community together where students can learn, share and grow together pioneering new ideas and inventions.

  • Intra college technical competition and other activities

    Organising various competitions, activities and events to nurture the growth of embryonic engineers and providing them exposure to various technical areas and competitions.

  • Organisation of the technical clubs

    STC objectives include streamlining all the existing technical clubs as well as facilitating the establishment of the new clubs.


Check Out Our Clubs!

IITP is home to many technical clubs covering all the branches of engineering programme the institute offers.


NJACK is the computer science club of IIT Patna. We aim to flourish a group of hardcore computer science enthusiasts through productive sessions and fun events. We will continue the legacy of unconditionally guiding fellow students of the IIT Patna fraternity across the various domains of Computer Science.

Tinkerer’s Lab

Tinkerer’s Lab at IIT Patna allows you to build things on your own, from scratch. This gives you practical and hands-on experience. The lab is almost entirely student run.The lack of deadlines and pressure allows you to tinker and develop your ideas with full freedom.

Finance Club

Finance Club is the fastest growing club of IIT Patna. Focused on consulting, investing, marketing & product management, we aim to win national competitions, create opportunities for all and encourage skill building in these sectors. Our motto is to create legacy culture of finance at IIT Patna, and rising to the top-student run clubs in India.


ChESSx aims at providing the needed support to produce the best chemical engineering graduates of tomorrow. It aims at making the students familiar with the scientific and industrial know-how and well equipping them to handle real-world problems so that they can better adapt themselves at their workplace once they graduate.

Astronomy and Particle Physics Club

Astronomy and Particle Physics (AP) Club is a team of enthusiastic people who share a common goal of exploring, studying, and experimenting with a wide variety of Astronomy and Particle Physics related topics, facts, and new discoveries. We have been trying to make people aware of scintillating stuff right from the nano-level world to the vastness of the cosmos!


Association of Civil Engineers is an official club of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE), IIT Patna, created with the vision of developing a platform to foster student-faculty interaction outside the world of regular academics, creating a forum for the members of the department to showcase their work and knowledge and enhance their abilities by various workshops and events.


MaTES is a combined step of students and faculty of IIT PATNA to create an environment of inquisitiveness about metallurgy and materials through various interesting events, informative workshops and inquisitive guest lectures. Our organization's aim is to promote creativity, potency, morals in students and boost awareness about materials in the society.


Sparkonics is the Electrical engineering society of IIT Patna which aims to make students aware and better equipped to handle real world problems related to Electrical engineering and related interdisciplinary fields by the means of projects and various workshops and guest lectures.


SCME was founded with the motive of engaging and encouraging Mechanical Engineering discipline related activities in IIT Patna. Since its inception, SCME has been conducting events, lectures and workshops round the year for the benefit of mechanical engineering students.


RnA or Robotics and Aviation Club of IIT Patna is a newly formed club that focuses on drones, MAVs (Micro air Vehicles), and aviation robotics. Here in RnA club, we all are family without any partiality.


Meet our Team

Our team consists of a general secretary, a PIC and secretaries representing various batches.

  • 2022-2023
  • 2021-2022
  • 2020-2021

PIC and General Secretary

Dr. Anoop Kumar Gupta

PIC Technical Affairs

Dr. Sujoy Kumar Samanta

PIC Technical Affairs

Dr. Murshid Imam

PIC Technical Affairs

Shivam Sahu

General Secretary, Technical Affairs

Satyam Shukla

General Secretary, Technical Affairs

UG Representatives

Harsh Singh

Technical Secretary, Sophomore Year

Rishikesh Devanathan

Technical Secretary, Sophomore Year

Shivam Sahu

Technical Secretary, Sophomore Year

Rishikesh Devanathan

Technical Secretary, Junior Year

Shubham Kumar

Technical Secretary, Junior Year

Omkar Deshpande

Technical Secretary, Senior Year

Anuj Kumar Yadav

Technical Secretary, Senior Year

Piyush Tiwary

Technical Secretary, Senior Year

Anushka Pandey

Technical Secretary, UG Girls

Kalpana Bishnoi

Technical Secretary, UG Girls

Shreya Sinha

Technical Secretary, UG Girls

PG & PhD Representatives

Simmi Perveen

Technical Secretary, PG Girls

Akanksha Gupta

Technical Secretary, PG Girls

Nidhi Jha

Technical Secretary, PG Girls

Suman Saurabh

Technical Secretary, Masters

Vipin Gupta

Technical Secretary, Masters

Naman Kumar

Technical Secretary, Masters

Punyesh Kumar Jha

Technical Secretary, PhD


Technical Secretary, PhD

Prashant Kapil

Technical Secretary, PhD


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Feel free to reach out to us for any queries, concerns or feedback!


SA Office, Administrative Building, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Dayalpur Daulatpur, Bihar 801103





+91 9023657889